At your disposal

The entire area and all the buildings are at your private disposal without other residents.

You can find more detailed information about the beds in the accommodation menu.

Downstairs there is a functional and spacious kitchen, a cozy dining area and an atmospheric TV and fireplace room. There is also one bedroom and two toilets/showers. Dining tables and chairs for 15 people, necessary dishes and cooking utensils for 20 people, two refrigerators and a freezer. TV corner with two sofa beds. On our bookshelf you will find a selection of books and many different board games. 

The spacious room upstairs has a comfortable sofa group and 5 beds. The interior sizes are 80m^2 and 60m^2, and outside you can enjoy the 130m^2 terrace and barbecue shed.

In addition to the sheltered barbecue shelter of the main building, there is a separate barbecue hut near the beach. In this home, you can enjoy cooking with an open fire, whether it's a small family or a larger group. At the same time, you can socialize, relax and admire the lake's beautiful scenery and events. 

There is also a special "Rosvopaisti" pit near the beach, which offers an authentic experience of traditional food preparation.



Our sauna offers an authentic and relaxing experience of the Finnish sauna tradition. Sauna section 54m^2, idyllically located right by the lake. The washing water comes directly from the lake through filters.

Our sauna section is equipped with everything you need for traditional saunas, and much more. In the large sauna room, you can enjoy the soft saunas of the wood stove. The washroom has two showers. Two changing rooms and two toilets are available. The sauna's fireplace room offers a place to relax during a sauna vacation, with direct access to the cooling terrace. From there, you can go directly to the beach terrace and the swimming pier, where you can take a dip in the water.

During the winter, there is also the possibility of open air on the beach, which completes the sauna experience in the cold season. 

Our smoke sauna offers a unique sauna experience that many have not had the chance to experience before. From the large sauna room, you can enjoy soft and distinctively fragrant saunas, which create a magical atmosphere. There is also a cooling terrace next to the sauna, where you can enjoy the fresh air in peace. There are no showers in the smoke sauna, they are in the adjacent beach sauna.

Heating takes time, about 4-5 hours, and it is only performed by the host when ordered separately. Due to the special nature of the smoke sauna, it is not heated in very cold or windy weather. If you want to experience this rare and traditional sauna experience, it is possible for an additional fee.



When you want to experience authentic Finnish nature, go explore the general route maintained by Gradia Jämsä forest school. This approximately 4 km long nature trail runs mainly through the state's forest and swamp areas and partially through protected natural areas. Palvia glamping customers can access the route directly from their own beach. On the way, you can pass through tall trees, rest in a home, light a campfire at the campfire site, or linger in the barn.


You can fish at any time, be it summer or winter. In the winter, you can enjoy ice fishing on the lake, while in the warmer months you can use the boats on the shore or fishing rods directly from the dock. You don't need a separate permit for simple ice and worm fishing. However, if you want to try trolling and you are between the ages of 18 and 64, remember to get a fishery management fee first. You can do this directly online at:

The lake itself is 3 km long and 750 m wide, and its deepest point is 5 meters. The water hides both pike and perch. So, get ready to get some loot and enjoy the peace of nature!

Both in summer and winter, Palvia's vacation spot offers a variety of self-guided nature experiences right from the yard. No need for long car journeys when the berry and mushroom fields start right at the door. A popular dirt bike trail for cyclists runs very close by, and in winter you can enjoy Jämsä's wonderful cross-country ski trails.

A variety of activities await on our beach. There is a place for notskiing and a bandit roasting pit, and even in the colder months the opening is always open for a dip. In addition, we offer our customers free use of two boats and a SUP board, as well as a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games. Please note that the equipment may vary depending on the season.

In addition, the area offers many other activities a short distance away. The slopes of Himos, the golf course and other services are only a 30-minute drive away. off. For horse enthusiasts, Jatkolantila, which operates as both a horse and cattle farm, is located 10 km away, and the Kivelä stables are 22 km away.

The Alvar Aalto Museum and the Serlachius Museum in Gösta are within about an hour's drive. There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites nearby Petäjävesi's old church and Puolaka measuring point on Oravivuori

Under the guidance of an experienced professional guide, you can immerse yourself in outdoor activities and the beauty of nature without the worry of getting lost. Cooking over an open fire can also be added to the excursion program if you wish. For the services of a local outdoor recreation entrepreneur includes, among other things: Charger trips, lhiking trails, mmountain biking, kalloy climbing, plove Olympics and sauna yoga. Inquiries and reservations directly:

In addition to breakfast and catering services, a local company "Kievari Rantapirtti" offers a variety of experiences and activities in its own destination. The selection includes e.g. kayaking, dog sledding safaris, snowmobile and ATV safaris, rally rides, frisbee golf and ice track karting. You can inquire more and arrange your experiences directly with them: