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phone 040 620 8000 (from abroad +35840 620 8000)

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport 3 hours and 13 minutes (242km)

Jyväskylä city airport about 1 hour by car (62km)

12 km from the center of Jämsänkoski by car.

Himos skiing and golf 25 km away by car.

Palvia Glamping Oy

Oy, Palviantie 598, 42440 Jämsä.


Here you can see the surrounding terrain

General map of the glamping area

Here you can see bike routes and a nature trail


Accommodation is paid in full upon booking. Accommodations can be canceled free of charge when the cancellation is made at least 14 days before the accommodation.

Only the number of people for whom it has been booked and paid for can be accommodated in the accommodation.

You may not set up your own tents or bring a caravan to the area without a permit and payment.

The reserved accommodation is available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be handed over by 12:00 on the day of departure. Additional time possible depending on the booking situation.

You can rent clean sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and towels from the house or bring your own. The beds are not made and you cannot sleep on them without linen. If the bed has been slept on without bed linen, the pillow, blanket and mattress cover may have to be washed at the customer's expense.

The final cleaning is included in the price of the accommodation, but if the cleaning also requires special measures such as the removal of strong cooking smells, the removal of hard-to-remove stains or, for example, the removal of dog hair, they will be charged as additional work of €55/hour.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the property. Ashtrays can also be used outdoors.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed without special permission and payment.

The accommodation customer is obliged to fully compensate the damages caused to the property and its movable property.

All remarks related to the reservation and condition of the resort must be addressed as soon as it is noticed. The host has no obligation to reimburse if the defect has not been reported immediately after it is discovered.

The other shore residents of Lake Palvia must be allowed their own shore peace. You are not allowed to board other people's beaches, and even when boating, the distance from other people's beaches should be at least 30 meters for privacy reasons. Playing music and other loud noise outdoors is prohibited between: 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.


Equipment pictures on the website. On behalf of the house, toilet paper, hand towels, paper towels, dishwashing detergent and hand soap have been reserved at the beginning, additional needs must be purchased yourself. Wifi network Palvia > Palvia123. When booking for several days, you can use a washing machine and dryer.

Ice fishing and free fishing do not require a separate permit, but for fishing with lures, persons aged 18-64 must pay the state fishery management fee

You can use the beach sauna freely throughout your stay. Heating takes about an hour and 3 nesting trees. Empty the ash hatch under the stove between heatings into the ash container. The sauna must not be heated for more than 4 hours at a time, the heater may be damaged. In winter, firewood should be heated from a liter the day before. Separate smoke sauna only when ordered separately and depending on conditions.

You should not touch the smoke dampers of fireplaces, ovens and stoves! Due to the risk of fire, the kakluna stoves in the main building must not be heated continuously for longer than two hours. Ashes may not be thrown into nature, ash containers are reserved for that. The usual use of firewood (3-4 bags/day) is included in the accommodation price.

The trash can is behind the outbuilding where you can leave your trash packed in bags. Empty bottles and drink cans can be left next to the container. The regional waste collection point/recycling is located at 604 & Kesäraitti, 42330 Jämsä (Google), where you have to take the garbage yourself if the container is full.

Indoors, there are electric radiators with thermostats that do not need to be adjusted separately. There are also air source heat pumps in the main building and in the fireplace room in the sauna.

The main building's domestic and washing water comes from its own borehole and is completely clean. The water in the sauna building comes from the lake through filters, not recommended for drinking.

Final cleaning is included in the price of the accommodation, but if the final cleaning requires special measures such as the removal of tobacco or strong food odors, the removal of hard-to-remove stains or, for example, the removal of dog hair, they will be charged as additional work. You can rent bed linen and a sauna towel from the house or bring your own. Beds must not be slept on without bed linen.

Dogs must have a permit and a fee is charged.

The other shore residents of Lake Palvia must be given their own shore peace. You are not allowed to get on other people's beaches, and even when boating, you should keep a distance from other people's beaches for privacy reasons at least 30 meters. Playing music and other loud noise outdoors is prohibited between: 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Error messages. In the event of any technical failure, please notify us immediately by message +35840 6208000, email:

Remember to leave the keys in the main house, as well as any agreed service fees.


Operating instructions for household appliances can be found in the lower cabinets in the kitchen

- Don't overfill the machine, preferably wash more often

– Only use program no: 5

– Use Fairy detergent tablets (found in the pool cabinet)

- Always use baking paper on the oven tray. There is paper in the drawer.

- Feel free to use the recirculation function

- Do not leave the empty pan to heat up, but immediately add butter or oil to it.

- Do not heat pots and pans at maximum heat.

- Remember to turn off the stove after use.

– The fire alarm is easily triggered. Always use a range hood.

- The fire alarm stops beeping only when the room is ventilated. No further action is required.

The pots and pans are in the back room of the sauna building. Clean after use and return to its place.

The sump pump is supposed to be always on during the winter, don't switch it off. There is about 1 meter of water at the end of the pier, but make sure that children do not get into the opening alone. Do not under any circumstances go diving under the ice! And don't let others do that either, the sense of direction disappears under the ice!

The exterior lights turn on and off automatically with the dimmer switch, but if you want them off, the switch is located in the 2-hallway.

The insect repellents in the sockets in the rooms must not be moved. They are not harmful to people or pets. Also outdoor Mosquito magnets nettle traps must not be moved.

For those staying for several days, the possibility to use the machines. The tumble dryer's water tank must be emptied after use. Read the operating instructions if you are not familiar with the machines. Operating manuals in the machine compartment.

At the west end of the main building, there is a weather camera that shows the road coming into the area. The camera is not on when customers are present, and if it snows heavily during the winter, we ask you to report the need for plowing to the number +358406208000.   

Rantasaunan lämmitykseen menee noin tunti ja kolme pesällistä puita. Tulipesää täytetään puilla vain kaksi kolmasosaa kerrallaan. Talvella saunapuut kannattaa ottaa liiteristä sisätiloihin lämpenemään jo edellisenä päivänä. Sauna on valmiina jo 60 asteisena. Saunaa ei saa lämmittää yhtäjaksoisesti 4 tuntia kauempaa, kiuas voi vaurioitua.


Kiukaan päällä oleviin savupelteihin ei pidä koskea lainkaan! Mutta kiukaan alla oleva tuhkaluukku tulisi tyhjentää jokaisen lämmityskerran jälkeen tuhka-astiaan.  Älä heitä kiukaalle mitään juomia!

Suihkujen vesi on aluksi kylmää kunnes alkaa lämminvesivaraaja tuottamaan lämmintä. 

Savusauna lämmitetään talon toimesta erikseen tilattuna. Lämmitys kestää noin 3-4 tuntia sääoloista riippuen. Kun lämmittäjä on saanut lämmityksen valmiiksi täytyy löylyyn menoa odottaa noin 2 tuntia jotta sauna ehtii siintyä.

Ennen saunomista heitä häkälöylyt (muutama kauhallinen vettä). Tuuleta saunaa muutama minuutti molemmat ovet avoinna ja avaa ikkunoiden alla olevat korvausilmaluukut.


Luo löylyä, älä heitä!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Käytä pitkävartista löylykauhaa, jolla luot löylyä, mutta et suinkaan heitä. Ota kauhaan lämmintä vettä, laske kauhan pesä kiuaskiville ja kallista kauhaa mahdollisimman hitaasti yhteen kohtaan kerrallaan. Näin saat aikaan pitkäkestoisen löylyaallon, eikä kenenkään tarvitse kyyristellä lauteille.