Unique holiday

Palvia glamping is a small ecological resort near Koskenpää Jämsä

Quiet 3.8 ha forest on the shores of Lake Palviajärvi, surrounded by extensive state multipurpose forests with nature areas.

Great place for relaxing in the nature, hiking and fishing

splendid for lifting company and group spirit

Extraordinary place to arrange family meetings and celebrations



Families with children and families who want to go to Finnish nature,

groups of friends who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as all those who are looking for a quiet environment and peace.

Festive and camping events as well as corporate holidays are also welcome.

You will have access to a large courtyard with approximately 300m2 and a 130m2 sun terrace. No other residents or immediate neighbors.

Downstairs in the main house one bedroom, TV / living room with fireplace, 2 toilets / shower and a well-equipped kitchen. Upstairs one large room.

In the yard there are also three cottages, a luxury tent, a beach sauna, a smoke sauna, a storage / wooden shed, an outdoor toilet, a hut and a large terrace / barbecue shed.

There are 4 indoor toilets/showers, firewood, 2 boats and SUP boards, indoor/outdoor games and wifi. Equipment varies depending on the season.

Sleeps 18 – 21.

-In winter the house downstairs bedroom 2, upstairs 4, cottages 12.  

-In summer, bedroom 2 in the ground floor of the house, 12 in the cottages and 4 in the tent.   

In addition, there are 3 camp beds in the tent in winter and upstairs in summer.

Staying in a tent can be a wonderful experience. In summer, the tent has 4 beds, a group of tables, a storage closet and a hanger.

In winter, 3 camp beds with mattresses and blankets are taken warm if you want to sleep there.

In addition to self-guided activities, guided nature sports with meals are available for a fee.

Under the guidance of a professional guide, you can enjoy excursions without fear of getting lost and you can combine cooking with an open fire.

Charging tours, snowshoeing, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, yard Olympics. Also color ball wars and sauna yoga.

Implemented by our partner “nature exercise call Tmi. See the offer on the website https://www.luontoliikuntauskallus.fi/

In addition to breakfast and catering services, the local partner company “Kievari Rantapirtti organizes various experiences and activities in its own area. Canoeing, dog sledding safaris, snowmobile or ATV safaris, rally rides, frisbee golf and ice rink go-karting.

Inquire about opportunities at https://www.kievarirantapirtti.com.

There are also quite a few events in Jämsä area. For example Himos festival and Nesteralli racing. If you would prefer gold, that is also available at Himos Golf center.

If you want to ride a horse there is the Kivelä stable in 22km of our grounds.

And if you would like to see finnish animals we have Jatkola farm only 10km away

 For people wishing to see more of the past. You can visit Peta lakes old church and Verala mill.

Museums are also available at Jämsä