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Main building

Kitchen, dining room, TV / fireplace room, one bedroom (+ 1 *), toilet / shower (+ 1 *). Interior 80m2 (+ 60m2 *) and 140m2 terrace / barbecue shed.

Dining tables and chairs for 15 people, living room corner with two sofa beds, open fireplace and TV. On the bookshelf lots of books and a variety of board games. Well equipped kitchen with necessary utensils and cooking utensils, two refrigerators and a freezer. in addition, one spacious bedroom with a neck oven. In the entrance hall of the main building there is a toilet and a shower cubicle.

* One large room and toilet / shower upstairs to be booked separately. NOTE! The upper floor (bedroom 6) is only available to guests who have paid for at least 18 people, only in winter.

Barbecue hut

Prepare your food outside with an open flame

In addition to the barbecue shed in the main building, there is a separate barbecue hut that can accommodate even a large group to grill over an open fire, socialize and follow the events of the lake. The hut is right next to the beach.

There is also a ready-made “robber roast” pit and an open fire place on the beach.

Beach sauna

Sauna department 54m2. The wash water comes from the lake through the treatment plant.

There is everything you need for a traditional sauna and a lakeside atmosphere. Large steam room with wood stove, washroom with two showers, two dressing rooms, two toilets, fireplace room and cooling terrace with direct access to the beach terrace and swimming pier.

In winter, during the ice age on the beach avanto.

The old smoke sauna

Can be booked at an additional cost, weather permitting. Not frosty or windy

This is rarely experienced. Large steam room and cooling terrace. Showers in the adjoining beach sauna. It takes 3-5 hours to heat and is only heated by the host when ordered separately.

The usage water comes from the lake or sauna right next to this one. This sauna may not be left unsupervised during the heating process. There sure is something magical in the heat and smell of this sauna

This is a pop-up builder.

You can create any structure you want by using the same tools as in the regular Workflow. Add buttons and forms or anything else you'd want.

Nature path

The route maintained by Gradia's Jämsä Forest Education Institute is about 4 km of forest paths and bogs partly in nature areas.

The public route is currently under renovation and work is underway on the new parking area on Palviantiie. The separate parking area at Palviantie 598 will no longer be part of the route. Palvia glamping resort guests can access the route directly from their private beach. The route is currently being rehabilitated by the Forestry Institute. In addition to the longitudinal tree sections, the route has a hut, a campfire site and a barn.

If you enjoy seeking mushrooms and berries, just step right out to the yard


Ice fishing and worm angling as well as trolling.

You can go fishing at any time. During the ice, ice fishing and otherwise on the boats on the beach or angling from the pier. Ice fishing and worm fishing do not require any separate permit, but if you want to throw a lure and you are 18-64 years old, you must first pay the fish management fee, which can be purchased at>

The price of the payment in 2021 is 45 / year, 15 / week and 6 / day.

The lake is 3 km long and 750m wide, the deepest point 5m. Pike, perch and roach.

Other self-employed activities

In winter and summer, all independent hobbies in nature are possible right from the yard and berry and mushroom fields without car trips. The popular sand bike trail runs alongside. In winter, ready-made cross-country trails for ice skiing and Jämsä routes. The beach has a notching place and a robber pit as well as an opening if possible. You can go horse riding at Kivelä Riding Hall. The provincial groove of Central Finland runs along the eastern border of the plot (JKL-Jämsä)

Natural spring 1 km away.

Himos ski resort is 25 km away

Extension farm (stable / ranch) 10 km away.

Kivelä riding stables 22 km away.

Other guided paid activities


With the help of a professional guide, you can enjoy outdoor activities without fear of getting lost. Excursions can also be combined with cooking by the open fire.

* charging trips

* gliding tours

* nature trails

* mountain biking

* rock climbing

* kayaking

* Nordic walking

* Yard Olympics

* color ball wars

* sauna yoga

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